Buffet Menu

  • Station Buffet Menu

    • per person £10.50

    Selection of sandwiches, cesar salad

    Pasta salad

    Marinated bbq ribs

    Vegetable spring rolls

    Marinated chicken drumsticks

    Choice of hot meals

    Lamb hotpot with crusty bread and pickled cabbage

    Lasagne with garlic bread

    Chicken curry with rice

Station Cocktail Bar

Station Cocktail Bar

Our cocktail bar has a capacity of 150 people. You can either hire for £500 Friday or Saturday and £300 Sunday until Thursday, or have one of the buffets per person and use it free (minimum 50 people at £10.50 per head). It's available for private parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings etc. Our function room has a private bar and toilet.