• Marinated mixed olives (v) (gf)

    • £3.00
  • Grilled sourdough (v)

    • Plain £3.00
    • Topped with cheese and balsamic onions (v) £3.50
    • Topped with tomato and rosemary (v) £3.50
  • Soup of the day, please ask for today’s choice

    • £3.95
  • Chicken Liver Pate, with toasted brioche and red onion chutney (v)

    • £4.95
  • Baby back Ribs, slow cooked with a sticky bourbon glaze

    • £6.50
  • Chicken Wings, in a spicy tomato and chilli sauce

    • £5.50
  • Irish Mussels, served with a choice of sauces

    • £7.50

    White wine, garlic and cream (gf)

    Chilli, tomato and chorizo (gf)

  • King Prawns, Giant prawns in garlic, parsley and white wine sauce (gf)

    • £7.50
  • Prawn Cocktail, Atlantic prawns with crisp leaves and bloody mary sauce (gf)

    • £6.50
  • Meatballs, in a spicy tomato sauce

    • £5.50
  • Garlic Mushrooms, in a white wine and cream sauce, finished with stilton (v) (gf)

    • £4.95
  • Halloumi, Grilled and served with crusty bread, chopped olives and tomatoes (v)

    • £5.25
  • Calamari, Deep fried crispy rings with a chilli and lime mayo

    • £6.00
  • Feta Cheese & Spinach Filo Parcel with a sweet chilli dip

    • £5.95
  • Dip Platter, Humous, pitta bread, Pink Lady, Taziki

    • £5.95
  • Spice Continental Sausage with Mint Yogurt and taziki

    • £5.95
  • Mezze Platter with Humous, Taziki, Pink Lady, Feta and Spinach Filo Parcel, Spicy Sausage and Meatballs

    • £12.95
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto with cream and sage Sausage

    • £7.25


  • Station Burger

    • £9.95

    Using 100% dry cured beef, our 8oz burgers are handmade and served in a brioche bun with battered onion rings, gem lettuce, beef tomato, baconaisse and French fries    

  • Chicken Burger

    • £9.95

    Butterfly chicken breast in a brioche bun with gem lettuce, beef tomato, ceasar sauce and French fries  

  • Vegetarian Burger

    • £8.95

    Grilled halloumi, roasted red pepper, beef tomato and grilled gherkins with a honey and black pepper mayo  

  • Burger Toppings

    • Smoked bacon and cheddar £2.00
    • Blue cheese and caramelised red onion £2.00
    • Fried eggs £2.00
    • Pulled pork £2.00
    • Jalapeño relish £2.00
    • Pickled chillies £2.00


All served with vegetables and choice of potatoes
  • King Prawns

    • £16.95

    Pan fried giant prawns in a garlic, chilli and tomato sauce (gf) 

  • Seabass

    • £15.95

    Pan fried and served with Atlantic prawns in a white wine, garlic and parsley sauce (gf) 

  • Salmon

    • £14.95

    Chargrilled and served with  a tarragon sauce and wilted butted Spinach (gf) 

  • Fish and Chips

    • £10.95

    Classic dish of battered cod fillet with chips and mushy peas                      


All our steaks come from sustainable British heritage breeds in Ludlow, Shropshire and are aged on the bone for 28 days, All served with vegetables and choice of potatoes
  • Mixed Grill

    • £18.95

    5oz rump steak, lamb cutlet, chicken breast, pork sausage, 4oz gammon and fried egg (gf)

  • 10oz Sirloin

    • £17.50

    Lean, well flavoured cut with little fat gives sirloin its well-deserved reputation (gf) 

  • 10oz Ribeye

    • £16.50

    Brilliant marbling gives this steak its succulent flavour (gf) 

  • 8oz Rump

    • £13.95

    Flavoursome, juicy and tender cut (gf) 

  • 8oz Fillet

    • £22.95

    Most prized cut, noted for its tenderness, it has almost no fat running through it (gf) 

  • 16oz T-Bone

    • £24.95

    Mammoth of a steak that gives the best of both worlds, on one side fillet, the other sirloin (gf) 

  • Lamb Cutlets

    • £15.95

    Marinated in olive oil, fresh mint and rosemary. Simply grilled to your liking (gf) 

  • Fillet Mignon

    • £21.85

    Medallions of fillet steak in a white wine, garlic and cream sauce with sage

  • Sauces

    • Peppercorn £2.50
    • Diane £2.50
    • Mushroom and tarragon £2.50
    • Garlic butter with lemon and black pepper £2.50
    • Port and stilton £2.50




Station Classics

All served with vegetables and choice of potatoes
  • Bangers and Mash

    • £10.95

    3 giant pork sausages with a creamy spring onion mash and onion gravy 

  • Chargrilled Spatchcock Chicken

    • £13.95

    Half chicken marinated in peri-peri spices then grilled on the bone 

  • Chicken Breast

    • £13.95

    Grilled with a choice of sauce-

    Bacon, mushroom, white wine and cream, Chorizo, onions, peppers and tomato or Peppercorn 

  • Penne Pasta

    With choice of sauce

    Carbonara- Bacon, garlic, parmesan and cream

    Arrabiatta- Garlic, chilli and tomato finished with goats cheese and fresh basil 

    Meatballs- spicy and rich tomato sauce 

  • Sizzling Chicken

    • £13.95

    Spicy marinated strips of chicken breast with peppers onions and mushrooms (gf) 

  • Slow Roast Lamb Shank

    • £15.95

    Roasted on the bone with a rosemary and redcurrant sauce 

  • Steak and Ale Pie

    • £10.95

    Shortcrust pastry deep filled with best braising steak in a rich Guinness sauce

  • 12oz Gammon Steak

    • £10.95

    Grilled and served with fried egg and pineapple (gf) 

  • Lamb Tagine

    • £12.95

    Slow cooked lamb paprika, peppers and onions

  • Vegetarian Moussaka

    • £10.95

    Layers of aubergine, carrots, potatoes, peppers onions and a béchamel sauce

  • New


  • Ceasar

    • Starter £6.50
    • Main Course £10.95

    Chargrilled strips of chicken breast and bacon with croutons on a bed of gem lettuce smothered with classic cesar sauce 

  • Caprese

    • Starter £6.50
    • Main Course £10.95

    Large beef tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella layered with fresh basil and chopped olives (v) (gf) 

  • King Prawn

    • Starter £
    • Main Course ££12.95

    Giant prawns pan fried with chilli, lime and fresh ginger on top of dressed mixed leaves (gf)

  • Tuna and White Bean

    • Starter £6.50
    • Main Course £10.95

     with rocket and balsamic dressing 

Side Orders and Extras

£3.00 or 2 for £5.00 Large cut chunky chips Skinny Fries Spring onion mashed potatoes Tossed mixed salad Tomato and red onion salad Sweet potato mash Onion Rings Pan fried mushrooms
    • Each £3.00
    • 2 For £5.00

Children's Menu

Ice Cream Dessert Included Kids eat free Monday – Thursday  till 6pm With each full paying adult off the Full Menu
  • Burger with Fries

    • £5.95
  • Chicken Goujons with Fries

    • £5.95
  • Bangers and Mash

    • £5.95
  • Fish Fingers with Chips and Peas

    • £5.95
  • Penne pasta with either carbonara or meatballs

    • £5.95


  • Limoncello Cheesecake

    • £4.50

    Zesty lemon atop a buttery ginger biscuit base, topped with a thick Lemon infused curd

  • Chocolate Brownie

    • £4.50

    Double chocolate, warm and gooey Brownie, smothered with a rich Chocolate Sauce 

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

    • £4.50

    Golden Sponge Dessert with dates, covered with a thick salted caramel sauce

  • Apple Crumble

    • £4.50

    Baked apple with a golden crumble 

  • Crème Brulee

    • £4.50

    Rich set vanilla custard with a crunchy caramel topping

  • Tiramisu

    • ££4.50

    Ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped cream mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa and Baileys

  • Cheeseboard

    • £5.95

    A selection of artisan cheeses and chutneys  with mixed crackers